The Two-Generation Economic Empowerment Act takes an innovative approach to increasing opportunities for both parents and children living in poverty. The bill seeks to increase the economic security, educational success, social capital, and health and wellbeing of whole families.
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“Thanks to United Way’s Programs we have been able to buy our home now, stay in Santa Fe, and our girls have been able to grow up to be well rounded and very intelligent girls going to school ready to know what they want and what they need.” - Elsa, Santa Fe


"We feel that this program is a very good solution to give early education so that we can give support in preparing children for kindergarten."

"Y si sentimos que esta es un programa muy buena para …esta solución que nos podemos apoyar para preparar a los niños."- Maria, Albuquerque 


"I think this year we will be able to complement the program so that they can be ready to do well on the [G.E.D] exam."

"Esta programa cada día está mejorando, hemos tenido muchos alumnos, y pienso que este año vamos a poder complementar un programa para que ellos estén listos a rendir esta examen." - Juan, Albuquerque 

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"This has helped us becuase it's giving us information about how I can further my education and how I can help him further also his education." - Brenda, Santa Fe


"We've been participating in the United Way First Born Program and it has made a big impact."

- Adrianna, Santa Fe


"The important thing is changing the cycle because both of my daughters have now graduated from high school and are going into college as a traditional student and they are going to be able to change their life and their careers and their economic status." - Roberta, Albuquerque