Our arts and culture in New Mexico are beautiful, complex, and truly unique. They draw many thousands of visitors to our state every year, contribute significantly to our state;s economy, and give context and meaning to our New Mexican way of life.

I am holding a series of events, Celebrating Culture: Workshops Supporting New Mexico Arts, because I want to support the artists and organizations that help our arts and culture thrive generation after generation. My goal for these first workshops is to help connect you - our arts organizations and artists - to federal, local, and private resources.

Whether you join us for a workshop on funding opportunities, navigating visiting artist visas, collaborating with foreign governments and federal institutions, or successfully applying for a public art commission, I hope you will find new sources of support for the good work you do.

QUESTIONS? Call Senator Heinrich's Office at (202) 228-4285, or email Heinrich_Events@heinrich.senate.gov.

For more information about times and location, please see our agenda.

Additional information about sessions:

Exploring Federal and Private Funding Opportunities

Learn about federal and private funding opportunities for the arts from federal agencies and local organizations. Find out how to stay informed about funding opportunities as they come up in the future. Get tips on putting together successful funding applications.

Working with Smithsonian Institutions

Hear tips from representatives from the Smithsonian and local groups on working with Smithsonian Institutions through their affiliates program, on traveling exhibits, and more.

Successfully Competing for Public Art Projects

Explore the ins-and-outs of public art commissioning. Find out how to stay informed about opportunities as they come up. Hear from city, state, and federal representatives on how their processes work and what they look for in selecting among proposals.

Navigating Visiting Artist Visas

Discover new ways of leveraging partnerships with foreign governments to bring art into New Mexico and take New Mexican art out to the world. Hear from leading local organizations on their use of visiting artist visas and trends in how the applications are processed. Find out how your Congressional Delegation can help in the visa process.

Local Resources: Space Solutions, Visibility, and Networking –

Hear from local organizations and educational institutions about all of the resources they can provide you from business consulting and marketing to educational opportunities and connections with whole new industries.