Congressionally Directed Spending Requests FY23: Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development

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Project City/County: Abiquiu, NM

Recipient: Abiquiu Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association

Amount Requested: $3,107,000

Project Description and Explanation: Abiquiu Mutual will design and construct a wastewater lagoon system to replace deteriorated mechanical treatment facility.

Project City/County: Albuquerque, NM

Recipient: City of Albuquerque

Amount Requested: $3,001,000

Project Description and Explanation: The City of Albuquerque will construct the Rail Spur Trail, which will be a 2.5-mile off-street, bicycle/pedestrian trail that connects Downtown with the Sawmill District in Albuquerque, NM.

Project City/County: Albuquerque, NM

Recipient: A New Day Youth and Family Services

Amount Requested: $1,000,000

Project Description and Explanation: A New Day will renovate their 24-hour crisis shelter building for a youth population of 12-18 years of age.

Project City/County: Albuquerque, NM

Recipient: Rio Metro Regional Transit District

Amount Requested: $3,001,000

Project Description and Explanation: Rio Metro will use this funding for architectural and engineering costs associated with improving the existing operations and maintenance facility for the Rail Runner fleet.

Project City/County: Albuquerque, NM

Recipient: Outpost Productions, Inc.

Amount Requested: $1,000,000

Project Description and Explanation: Outpost Productions will construct a regional cultural hub offering diverse arts programs, with strong community involvement & education for all ages.

Project City/County: Carlsbad, NM

Recipient: New Mexico Department of Transportation 

Amount Requested: $3,100,000

Project Description and Explanation: City of Carlsbad will rebuild from the subgrade up to finished surface of Old Cavern Highway, from the intersection of Farris St. and Old Cavern Highway to the city limits, approximately 600 feet south of Chapman Road.

Project City/County: Carson, NM

Recipient: Veterans Off Grid

Amount Requested: $125,000

Project Description and Explanation: Veterans Off Grid will construct up to ten sustainably built, off-grid tiny homes and a community bathroom in Carson, NM to provide shelter and promote healing and well-being for veterans experiencing homelessness and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Project City/County: Chaves County, NM

Recipient: New Mexico Department of Transportation

Amount Requested: $5,000,000

Project Description and Explanation: The purpose of this project is to improve pavement conditions and add passing lanes to US 380.

Project City/County: City of Truth or Consequences, NM

Recipient: City of Truth or Consequences

Amount Requested: $1,600,000

Project Description and Explanation: The City of Truth or Consequences will improve their water system hydraulics by replacing and upgrading main distribution lines to increase the efficiency of the water distribution throughout the city.

Project City/County: Colfax, Lincoln, Mora, Sandoval, San Miguel, and Valencia Counties

Recipient: New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority

Amount Requested: $3,000,000

Project Description and Explanation: To provide housing stock, housing stability and support services for New Mexicans, New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority (NM MFA) will construct temporary and permanent housing, rehabilitate housing and provide housing support and stability services to address the acute affordable housing crises in New Mexico. NM MFA will work alongside local public housing authorities, Tribal housing authorities and other housing service providers to provide assistance.

Project City/County: Columbus, NM

Recipient: Tierra del Sol Housing Corporation

Amount Requested: $1,680,000

Project Description and Explanation: Tierra del Sol will plan, engineer, and construct 14 new low-income homes in Columbus, NM.

Project City/County: Cuba, Torreon, Ojo Encino, and Counselor, NM

Recipient: Presbyterian Medical Services

Amount Requested: $1,635,000

Project Description and Explanation: Presbyterian Medical Services will build four modern, furnished apartments adjacent to the Cuba Health Center on PMS-owned land to be available for direct service providers.

Project City/County: Curry, NM

Recipient: Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico

Amount Requested: $750,000

Project Description and Explanation: The Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico will design, plan and construct a freezer

Project City/County: DeBaca County, NM

Recipient: New Mexico Department of Transportation 

Amount Requested: $5,000,000

Project Description and Explanation: The purpose of this project is to provide full-depth reclamation of existing pavement on US 84.

Project City/County: Deming, NM

Recipient: City of Deming

Amount Requested: $1,500,000

Project Description and Explanation: Deming will undergo a revitalization project on the city’s west side, which will include the development of a business incubator that will host an anchor tenant along with other startup businesses.

Project City/County: Doña Ana County, NM

Recipient: Doña Ana County International Jetport

Amount Requested: $5,500,000

Project Description and Explanation: Doña Ana will conduct planning, environmental assessments, land acquisition, and design for a Jetport expansion.

Project City/County: Eagle Nest, NM

Recipient: Village of Eagle Nest

Amount Requested: $1,877,000

Project Description and Explanation: The Village of Eagle Nest will plan and construct improvements to their community gathering space.

Project City/County: Farmington, NM

Recipient: City of Farmington

Amount Requested: $1,200,000

Project Description and Explanation: City of Farmington will complete the early stages of construction for the first fully-inclusive accessible and adaptive playground in San Juan County.

Project City/County: Grant County, NM

Recipient: Western New Mexico University 

Amount Requested: $250,000

Project Description and Explanation: Western New Mexico University (WNMU) will undertake planning and data analyses to address the need for safe corridors to access wilderness areas, outdoor recreation, and surrounding natural environments.

Project City/County: Grants, NM

Recipient: New Mexico Department of Transportation 

Amount Requested: $1,200,000

Project Description and Explanation: Grants will reconstruct Sakelares Boulevard to increase safety and increase transportation efficiency.

Project City/County: Las Cruces, NM

Recipient: Mesilla Valley Public Housing Authority

Amount Requested: $2,200,000

Project Description and Explanation: To develop 18 permanent supportive housing units for homeless veterans and other chronically homeless residents, and 60 to 80 affordable single family housing units.

Project City/County: Las Cruces, NM

Recipient: Mesilla Valley Community of Hope

Amount Requested: $600,000

Project Description and Explanation: Mesilla Valley Community of Hope will move and renovate a new space. The renovation will include turning a warehouse space into office spaces, allowing for additional space to work with clients experiencing homelessness.

Project City/County: Las Cruces, NM

Recipient: Border Servant Corps

Amount Requested: $650,000

Project Description and Explanation: Border Servant Corps will design a facility to support asylum seekers released by the Department of Homeland Security into New Mexico.

Project City/County: Las Cruces, NM

Recipient: Casa de Peregrinos

Amount Requested: $150,000

Project Description and Explanation: Casa de Peregrinos will construct updates to their food pantry in Doña Ana County.

Project City/County: Lower Arroyo Hondo Mututal Domestic Water Consumer Association 

Recipient: Lower Arroyo Hondo Mutual Domestic Water Consumer Association 

Amount Requested: $828,000

Project Description and Explanation: Lower Arroyo Hondo Mutual will design, construct, and purchase new C900 PVC waterlines and construct a new fill line between existing wells and a new tank site. It will also allow for a new water storage tank and radio read meter software.

Project City/County: McKinley County, NM

Recipient: McKinley County

Amount Requested: $2,000,000

Project Description and Explanation: McKinley County would construct an industrial park on a County-owned 40-acre site.

Project City/County: Peña Blanca, NM

Recipient: Sile Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association 

Amount Requested: $1,201,000

Project Description and Explanation: Sile Mutual will design and construct a new 4-inch C900 PVC waterline to replace the existing distribution system waterline.

Project City/County: Peñasco, NM

Recipient: Peñasco Mutual Domestic Water Consumer Association 

Amount Requested: $2,204,000

Project Description and Explanation: Peñasco Mutual will design and construct a new waterline to replace approximately 16,000 linear feet of old waterline with a history of leaks.

Project City/County: Portales, NM

Recipient: City of Portales

Amount Requested: $4,300,000

Project Description and Explanation: The City of Portales will complete the planning, design, and construction of sewer lines and manholes on Roosevelt Road Q1/2 from 18th Street to the Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Project City/County: Pueblo of Acoma, NM

Recipient: Pueblo of Acoma

Amount Requested: $2,900,000

Project Description and Explanation: Pueblo of Acoma will plan for the reconstruction of a 12.4 mile road located within the Pueblo of Acoma exterior boundaries. The road requires full depth reconstruction to correct sub-grade failures, widening lanes, and installation of shoulders and rumble strips.


Project City/County: Pueblo of Laguna, NM

Recipient: Pueblo of Laguna

Amount Requested: $1,400,000

Project Description and Explanation: The K’awaika Center will consolidate Pueblo of Laguna health, recreational, business development services, and other programs into a large master-planned complex. Specifically, this project will provide funding to demolish the old Laguna-Acoma High School and complete asbestos abatement and groundwater mitigation.


Project City/County: Quemado, NM

Recipient: Quemado Mutual Water and Sewage Works Association 

Amount Requested: $4,509,000

Project Description and Explanation: Quemado Mutual Water & Sewage Works Association will design and rehabilitate the existing wastewater treatment lagoon system.


Project City/County: Red River, NM

Recipient: Town of Red River

Amount Requested: $5,000,000

Project Description and Explanation: The Town of Red River will plan, design, construct, and equip workforce housing.


Project City/County: Rio Ariba, NM

Recipient: Mesa to Mesa

Amount Requested: $72,000

Project Description and Explanation: Mesa to Mesa will utilize funding to perform home repairs for low-income homeowners.


Project City/County: Rio Lucio, NM

Recipient: Rio Lucio Mutual Domestic Water Consumer Association 

Amount Requested: $770,000

Project Description and Explanation: Rio Lucio Mutual will construct a new waterline to replace approximately 8,500 feet of antiquated and undersized distribution waterline and install new radio-read meters.


Project City/County: Rio Rancho, NM

Recipient: New Mexico Department of Transportation 

Amount Requested: $2,700,000

Project Description and Explanation: Rio Rancho will construct improvements that will allow for decreased congestion at the intersection of Broadmoor Boulevard and Idalia Road.


Project City/County: Santa Clara Pueblo, NM

Recipient: Santa Clara Pueblo

Amount Requested: $618,000

Project Description and Explanation: Santa Clara Pueblo will ensure pedestrian accessibility of Wild Rose Road through reconstruction, minor bridge repairs, drainage, signage and adding a sidewalk, curb and gutter on one side.


Project City/County: Santa Fe County, NM

Recipient: Santa Fe County Housing Authority 

Amount Requested: $1,212,000

Project Description and Explanation: The Santa Fe County Housing Authority will re-stucco 192 low-income rental units, 3 Boys and Girls Club Facilities, and 3 administrative buildings.


Project City/County: Santa Teresa, NM

Recipient: New Mexico Border Authority 

Amount Requested: $2,250,000

Project Description and Explanation: The State of New Mexico will pursue a Presidential Permit application to designate an international rail crossing at the US-Mexico border, approximately 3.5 miles west of the Santa Teresa Port of Entry.

Project City/County: Taos, NM

Recipient: Town of Taos

Amount Requested: $2,000,000

Project Description and Explanation: The Town of Taos will develop workforce housing and housing infrastructure, to include water, waste water, electric, and communications.

Project City/County: Taos, NM

Recipient: Rodarte Mutual Domestic Consumers Association 

Amount Requested: $1,407,000

Project Description and Explanation: Rodarte Mutual will design and construct a new supplemental water supply well, along with water system infrastructures such as new plumbing, water lines, pumps and pump stations, and valves.

Project City/County: Taos, Mora, Colfax, and Rio Arriba Counties, NM

Recipient: Taos County Economic Development Corporation 

Amount Requested: $300,000

Project Description and Explanation: Taos County Economic Development Corporation will repair the Mobile Matanza mobile livestock slaughter unit support facilities for the relaunch of the program.

Project City/County: Taos, Red River, Questa, Taos Pueblo, Peñasco, and Picuris Pueblo, NM

Recipient: Kit Carson Electric Cooperation 

Amount Requested: $1,500,000

Project Description and Explanation: Kit Carson will construct daytime solar powered electric vehicle charging facilities including 5 DC fast chargers and 10 level 2 chargers in northern New Mexico.

Project City/County: Village of Cuba, NM

Recipient: Village of Cuba

Amount Requested: $1,804,000

Project Description and Explanation: Cuba will purchase property, design, and construct a new water storage tank to replace an aged existing tank that is in danger of failure.

Project City/County: Village of Milan, NM

Recipient: Village of Milan

Amount Requested: $1,325,000

Project Description and Explanation: This request will allow the Village of Milan to design, construct and equip improvements to the Milan swimming pool.