It is my hope that this solar toolkit provides a launching point for local governments, tribes, schools, power providers, rural businesses, policymakers and educational institutions to consider whether solar can meet their needs. The toolkit highlights success stories from around the state, and provides reflections from the New Mexicans who have gotten the job done. It also highlights commonly used resources. 

helpful contacts

Please connect with my staff in my Albuquerque Office at (505) 346-6601 if you are looking for additional assistance navigating these resources. You can also find initial first points of contact below.

Local Governments
National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Solar Technical Assistance Team serves as an initial point of contact and can help connect state and local governments to other technical assistance programs and resources.

Sandia National Laboratories Indian Energy Program: (505) 844-5418

U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office Hotline: (202) 287-1862

Rural Businesses
USDA Rural Development: (505) 761-4950

Power Providers
Cooperatives can start with the USDA’s Office of Loan Origination and Approval: (202) 720-0409