Workshop Presentations


Buildings Workshops Presentations

Rentals and Other Existing Housing Policies - Alisa Petersen, Greg Hopkins, and Cindy Zhu

Deep Retrofits for Government Buildings - Alisa Petersen, Greg Hopkins, Adam Guzzo, and Harold Trujillo

Building Electrification - Bruce Nilles


Solar Workshops Presentations

On-site Solar and Reducing Soft Costs of Solar - Michele Boyd, Mady Tyson, and Ali Rotatori

Solar for the Community - Michele Boyd, Mady Tyson, and Ali Rotatori

Solar for the Community - Mark Gaiser


Mobility Workshops Presentations

Fleet Electrification - Lauren Lynch

Fleet Electrification - Amy Miller

Fleet Electrification - Kevin Chandra 

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure - Jesse Bennet

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure - Kevin Chandra


Infrastructure Workshop Presentation

Rural Electrification - Kevin Brehm, Josh Agerbroad, Jeremy Lewis, and Larry McGraw