Agriculture »

New Mexico’s farmers, dairy producers, and ranchers help drive the state’s economy and are an integral part of our history. Many growers in New Mexico come from families who have cultivated their land for generations. Today, however, challenges such as water shortages and wildfires have made farming more difficult.


Conservation »

New Mexicans' livelihoods are rooted in our open spaces. Our public lands are where locals and visitors alike go to find the biggest elk, the best camping spot, the most challenging single track, or the greatest fishing hole. 

Economy & Jobs

Economy & Jobs »

Too many people in Washington, D.C. think that if the stock market is going up, the economy is in good shape. But that’s not the reality for working families. The way we should measure the success of the economy is if parents can afford to send their kids to college, entrepreneurs can start new businesses, and workers are able to retire with peace of mind.


Education »

Students in New Mexico represent a bright future for our state. We must ensure that every student has access to a quality education, regardless of their background or zip code, their ethnicity or religion, or their gender or sexual orientation.


Energy »

New Mexico, with its abundant wind and solar resources, can and should be at the center of America's clean energy economy. If we make bold and pragmatic decisions now, we can bring thousands of new jobs and millions of dollars of investment to communities across our state. I'm committed to making that brighter future a reality.

Health Care & Wellness

Health Care & Wellness »

Health care is a fundamental right and our goal must be to ensure that every American has access to quality, affordable care, no matter their means or where they’re from.


Immigration »

As the son of an immigrant, I know the unique promise America represents for families. I know how hard immigrants work, how much they believe in this country, and how much they're willing to give back.

Indian Country

Indian Country »

Our tribal communities have always shaped and enhanced New Mexico’s rich culture and traditions. I take pride in working with our tribal communities, and will continue to advocate on their behalf on issues such as education, water access, housing, infrastructure, public safety, and cultural preservation, as well as defend and protect tribal sovereignty. 

Innovation & Technology

Innovation & Technology »

I believe that innovation is what America does best. I also believe that technology and science-driven policies are how we can best meet many of our 21st century challenges.

Military & National Security

Military & National Security »

Our women and men in uniform make up the strongest, best-trained, most well-equipped military in the world. New Mexicans have long answered the call of duty to serve. This tradition runs deep in our state’s history, and at times New Mexico has had the highest rate of military volunteerism of any state in the country.

National Labs

National Labs »

Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories employ some of the best and brightest minds in the country and are indispensable to our national security. The labs also strengthen our economy by providing high-paying, high-skilled technology jobs in our state. I will always fight to protect their missions and create a sustainable future for the innovative research and development at our labs.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Transportation & Infrastructure »

A safe, efficient transportation system and strong basic infrastructure helps move New Mexico forward and supports our local economy.

Two-Generation Economic Empowerment Act placeholder

Two-Generation Economic Empowerment Act »

The federal government’s current approach to poverty is not effective enough. Although we have data demonstrating what works, many of the federally funded programs intended to help families are disjointed and difficult to navigate for both families in need and for organizations trying to provide help. While multiple federal programs exist to help low-income parents and children, they have separate funding streams causing silos and fragmentation. Addressing the needs of children and parents separately and without a comprehensive strategy often leaves children or parents behind and diminishes a whole family’s chance of success. 


Veterans »

One of my most important responsibilities as your Senator is to keep America's promise to our service members and their families so that when our troops return home, they receive quality care and the benefits they have earned.