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Innovation & Technology

I believe that innovation is what America does best. I also believe that technology and science-driven policies are how we can best meet many of our 21st century challenges.

New Mexico has long been home to leading innovators and researchers. Our national laboratories, research universities, and military installations have an extensive history of breakthroughs that have changed the way we power our electric grid, protect our national security, and connect the world.

To compete in the 21st-century economic landscape, New Mexico must tap into the extraordinary research and development already being conducted in our backyard,.  We need to support creative homegrown companies, and build a skilled workforce that will manufacture the advanced technologies and products of the future. Our business owners, scientists, and engineers have the creativity and capacity to provide a steady stream of technologies that could yield dividends in commercial markets.

We must encourage our national labs to more actively engage with the regional innovation systems where they are located. I was proud to pass legislation to establish off-campus microlabs that serve as the “front door" to our national laboratories. These microlabs give universities and businesses direct access to equipment, facilities and personnel at our labs and help create an environment that nurtures collaboration and entrepreneurship.

The clean energy industry is one area where New Mexico stands to gain thousands of jobs in the coming years thanks to this type of collaboration. With our immense potential for both solar and wind and the brilliant energy innovators at our labs and small businesses, our state can and should be a major producer and exporter of clean energy technology and power.

We owe it to our children and our economy to make smart investments in education and target areas where we have the potential to create jobs and major new industries. By preparing our students and retraining our labor force for a lucrative high-tech job market, we can build pathways toward a more diverse future generation of innovators and entrepreneurs, and create a sustainable and prosperous future for our state.

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