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Economy & Jobs

Too many people in Washington, D.C. think that if the stock market is going up, the economy is in good shape. But that’s not the reality for working families. The way we should measure the success of the economy is if parents can afford to send their kids to college, entrepreneurs can start new businesses, and workers are able to retire with peace of mind.

As a member of the Joint Economic Committee, I am focused on building an economy that works for everyone—not just a select few. My number one priority is not only continuing to grow our economy, but also ensuring that we create good jobs that pay workers a fair and livable wage.

From making college affordable, to strengthening our nation’s infrastructure, to growing our diverse, high-tech, advanced manufacturing and clean energy industries, I remain deeply committed to strengthening New Mexico’s middle class. We must restore the basic bargain on which this country was built – that if you work hard and play by the rules, you can get ahead. I won’t stop fighting until every New Mexican who is willing to work hard to support their family and their community can find a job that supports them.

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