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casework faq

Here are a few quick questions to help you determine if my office can assist you in your case.

Q: Is your situation a legal dispute? 

Compliance with Senate Ethics Rules regarding assistance to constituents generally requires that members refrain from intervening in ongoing litigation.  The reason for this prohibition is that the judicial system is the forum for resolution of legal disputes, and it should be allowed to function without outside interference, including through undue influence from members of the Senate.

Q: Is your case within the agency normal processing time?

If you believe your situation merits faster processing, please contact one of my offices. We will discuss your situation and help you determine the proper strategy. 

Q: What assistance can you expect from Senator Heinrich's office?

My office is here to assist constituents with problems involving a federal agency. Although unable to assure a specific outcome regarding a particular case, I can make inquiries as to the status of your case, obtain additional information, or direct you to appropriate resources or services. My role is to assure you a fair and thorough review of your case and to seek a timely response from the agency.

If you are still unsure whether I can assist you with your case, please contact us and we will discuss your situation with you and work with you to determine the best course of action.

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