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Shutdown Resource Guide

It has now been over a month since President Trump thrust our country into the longest government shutdown in history over his costly and wasteful fixation with a wall across our border.  This needless impasse continues to have a devastating effect on families and communities all across New Mexico. I share your frustration over this prolonged and unnecessary shutdown. As I continue working for a solution to reopen the government as soon as possible, I want to share information about resources and organizations in New Mexico that are helping furloughed federal workers and others who have been affected by the shutdown. 

I have heard from far too many New Mexicans who cannot afford to wait any longer for the government to reopen. If you or a family member has been impacted, I would like to hear from you. Please know that I am doing everything within my power to urge President Trump and my colleagues to end the shutdown before it causes any more damage.

United States Senator


  • Wells Fargo Bank N.A.: bank has established a customer assistance hotline (800-219-9739) for customers affected by the shutdown and is offering to waive monthly overdraft/nonsufficient funds fees and late fees and will work with customers on loans and payments on a case-by-case basis. Information is also available at the government shutdown assistance page.
  • Bank of America N.A.: bank has set up a Client Assistance Program specifically focused on the shutdown and readily available to provide financial assistance that is tailored to each client’s specific needs.  Clients may contact a priority assistance phone line at (844) 219-0690.  This line is staffed with experienced Bank of America employees specifically prepared to help clients in need of financial assistance because of the shutdown.
  • Bank of Albuquerque: bank is offering assistance on a case-by-case basis. Assistance includes 60-day forbearance on existing loans, fee waivers, and 60-day hold on negative credit reporting. 
  • U.S. Bank N.A., (Albuquerque): bank is offering short-term loans, and reversing fees.
  • Bank of the West,(Albuquerque): bank is offering short-term loans case by case basis, and reversing fees, has a dedicated help line assistance: 1-800-488-BANK (2265).
  • New Mexico Bank and Trust: bank will provide assistance case-by-case.
  • Los Alamos National Bank (Los Alamos): bank is providing options for individuals directly impacted by the government shutdown, including a 60-day payment forbearance on all LANB consumer loans, portfolio mortgages, short-term, interest-free loan options and penalty waivers for early CD withdrawals.  Customers with financial hardship due to the federal government shutdown can call LANB at 505.662.5171.
  • Compass Bank (Albuquerque): bank is offering to customers upon request and if eligible:  waived NSF and extended overdraft fees; mortgage rate lock extensions; case-by-case payment deferrals for home equity and mortgage payment; case-by-case payment extensions on indirect or direct consumer loans; lower credit card interest rates on new purchases and existing balances.  Additional details on the various financial relief options for those impacted by the government shutdown are available at bank branches or by calling 877-218-7254 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT.
  • Washington Federal (Albuquerque): bank is offering a Government Employee Quick Relief Loan for any eligible Federal Government employee who is furloughed or working without pay.  Borrow up to a total of 12 weeks net (take home) pay.  Pay no loan fees or application fees.  No payments and 0% interest for the first 90 days.  Make interest-only payments at a rate of just 5% through 12/31/2019. Rate increases to 10% starting 1/1/2020. Access funds as paydays are missed by requesting additional draws.
  • Century Bank (Santa Fe): bank is offering assistance on case by case basis and has s dedicated line for those affected by the government shutdown 505.995.1200, Monday - Friday from 8:00 - 5:00 pm to speak to representative.
  • The Citizens Bank (Farmington): bank is offering assistance on case by case basis, including installment loans.
  • Pioneer Bank (Roswell): bank is offering assistance on a case-by-case basis.
  • Citizens Bank of Las Cruces (Las Cruces): bank is offering assistance on a case-by-case basis.
  • First Savings Bank (Alamogordo): bank will work with any customers affected by the shutdown – customers should call or email to discuss their loan situations.
  • Bank of the Southwest (Roswell): bank is offering new customers a $1000 interest free/no fee loan; existing loan holders get a 3 month extension and fees waived; bank is offering single-day waiving of nonsufficient funds fees for current customers.
  • Western Bank (Lordsburg): bank is offering current customers a 45-day loan for the amount of 2 paychecks at 0% interest/no fees; bank is also offering current loan holders extensions without fees.
  • Farmers & Stockman’s Bank (Clayton): bank is offering case-by-case support but did not disclose exact services offered.
  • Western Heritage Bank (Las Cruces): bank is offering no late fees on loans to existing customers.
  • WestStar Bank (Las Cruces): bank is accepting any applications for loans with regular consumer rates and it is offering payment extensions.
  • Western Commerce Bank (Carlsbad): bank is offering a 1% loan up to 6x the amount of normal monthly pay – borrowers will have 6 months to repay.
  • Carlsbad National Bank (Carlsbad): bank is extending loans to existing customers – no payments for up to 3 months and no late fees.
  • FNB New Mexico (Clayton): bank is offering 0% interest loans up to 3 months of net wages – borrowers will have up to 12 months to repay and there is no loan application fee.
  • James Polk Stone Community Bank (Portales): bank is offering extensions of loans for up to 3 months and it is also offering a $1000 interest free loan for new customers.
  • Four Corners Community Bank (Farmington): bank will help customers on a case-by-case basis.
  • Southwest Capital Bank (Albuquerque): bank is offering options to forego current loan payments with no late fees, credit protection; bank is not taking credit into consideration for new customers.



  • Nusenda Credit Union (Albuquerque): 0% member assistance loans, loan payment extensions, savings secured loans, free financial counseling.
  • First Financial Credit Union (Albuquerque): loan extensions, penalty free savings withdrawals, checking fees waived, 0% loan based on income.
  • Kirtland Federal Credit Union (Albuquerque): payroll advance program, fees waived on early savings withdrawals, free skip payments.
  • State Employees Credit Union (Santa Fe): loan extensions at no cost, mortgage extensions may be entertained, single pay loans may be granted, short term loan may be granted.
  • US Eagle Federal Credit Union (Albuquerque): relief loan: loan with no interest for 90 days, existing loan modifications/extensions, overdraft/courtesy pay services, financial counseling.
  • Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union (Albuquerque): penalty waived for early savings withdrawals, relief loans up to one month net pay, skip payments with fees waived, loan terms extended.
  • First Financial Credit Union (Albuquerque): skip payments with fees waived, loan terms extended, early withdrawal fees waived, financial counseling, 0% loan for payroll replacement.
  • Zia Credit Union (Los Alamos): 60-day loan payment due date extensions, waiver of early withdrawal penalties, low-rate signature loan.
  • Guadalupe Credit Union (Santa Fe): free financial counseling, various assistance programs.
  • Southwest Federal Credit Union (Albuquerque): no-fee skip-a-pays, $500 payday loan product, add money to existing secured and unsecured loans, offer a signature loan.
  • White Sands Federal Credit Union (Las Cruces): loan refinance – 90 days to first payment, waived penalty for early savings withdrawal.
  • Northern New Mexico School Employees FCU (Santa Fe): free counseling, individual programs tailored to member needs.
  • Animas Credit Union (Farmington): extended loan terms, low cost loan program.
  • Otero Federal Credit Union (Alamogordo): paycheck replacement loan program, members advanced amount of last paycheck.
  • Roswell Community Credit Union (Roswell): 0% loans, free skip payments.



  • Public Service Co. of New Mexico will not shut off service for lack of payment in homes of federal furloughed workers. PNM requires a copy of the employee’s furlough letter. 
  • New Mexico Gas Company: Furloughed federal employees unable to make their gas payments can call 1-888-664-2726 and arrange a payment plan during the shutdown.
  • El Paso Electric is offering payment arrangements to furloughed employees on a case-by-base basis. To learn more call 915-543-5970 or 575-526-5555 for New Mexico residents.
  • Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority – furloughed federal workers will be allowed to defer their water bill payments without penalty while they are out of work.  To qualify, furloughed employees must present their furlough letter at one of the Water Authority’s two customer service/payment centers. For assistance call 842-WATR (9287) and press “0” to speak to a customer service representative. 
  • The City of Roswell is allowing federal workers to postpone water bills. They will not be shut off for non-payment or receive penalties for missed payments. At the conclusion of the six-month period, the affected customers will be provided up to 12 months to bring their accounts current. For assistance call the department at 624-6711.
  • The City of Santa Fe has announced that furloughed federal workers’ utilities will not be shut off shut off for non-payment.
  • The City of Rio Rancho has announced that federal workers furloughed during the partial government shutdown are allowed to defer their water/wastewater bill payments, without penalty, while they are out of work. For more information please contact the Utilities Department at 891-5020



  • Roadrunner Foodbank: Federal employees affected by the government shutdown & concerned about food security can call Roadrunner Food Bank’s food assistance line at 505-349-5340, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday - Friday.

  • Storehouse New Mexico: Storehouse New Mexico is ready to help families affected by the federal government shutdown. All they need to bring is a photo ID for adults and birth certificates for minors. Storehouse New Mexico is located at 106 Broadway Blvd SE, in downtown Albuquerque. A full calendar is available at The organization is also in need of donations and volunteers.

  • ECHO Food Bank: San Juan County Residents that are Federal Employees and affected by the government shutdown may qualify for one-time food assistance from the Food Bank. **Note** income and residency qualifications apply.


  • Verizon: You can set up a promise to pay arrangement in the My Verizon app, or in My Verizon with your smartphone, tablet, or computer browser. Any government employee customer impacted by the shutdown can utilize any of these self-service tools or speak with one of their financial services representatives for further assistance at 1-866-266-1445.
  • AT&T: Customers affected by the shutdown are eligible for flexible payment options to keep their service running. As long as the shutdown is in effect, our customer service team will adjust late fees, provide extensions, and coordinate with you on revised payment schedules. More information provided on their website.
  • Sprint: Sprint Customer Care is prepared to work with federal government employees seeking short-term payment solutions. Impacted customers can contact them by calling 888-211-4727 or go online to chat with a Care representative. Additional information about Sprint payment options are available
  • T-Mobile: T-Mobile is providing account support to customers directly affected by the U.S. government shutdown to ensure their wireless service remains available during the closure. Customers who are Federal employees or Federal government account customers can call T-Mobile Customer Care (611 from a T-Mobile device or 1-877-746-0909 from any phone).
  • Sacred Wind Communications: Sacred Wind Communications is suspending broadband and phone service payments for federal employees affected by the current government shutdown.


  • Albuquerque Public Schools: families can apply for free/reduced lunch.

  • Santa Fe Public Schools: families can apply for free/reduced lunch.

  • Las Cruces Public Schools: families can apply for free/reduced lunch.

  • Farmington Public Schools: working with the state to fast track federal workers as substitute teachers; affected families now qualify for free/reduced lunch.


  • Department of New Mexico Workforce Solutions: the department has put together fact sheet for furloughed federal employees may be eligible for Unemployment Insurance. The department has also waived the work search requirement for the 1,000-plus federal employees who have filed for unemployment benefits. 


  • SNAP Benefitsinformation can be found on the N.M. Human Services Department website.

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