Sen. Heinrich, Sen. Lujan check on National Guard following images of them in parking garage

By:  Joy Wang

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- Sen. Martin Heinrich was upset after seeing images of the National Guard in a parking garage.

"It immediately rubbed me the wrong way and I started reaching out to my colleagues to see what they knew," Heinrich said.

The senator from New Mexico said he offered his office space to members of the National Guard.

"At the end of the day we didn't have to open any of those offices because we had space here," he said. "I know Senator Lujan actually came down to the Heart Office Building late last night to check and make sure that people actually have the access that they were promised."

"I still don't have an adequate answer to why they were asked to leave," Heinrich said. "And that is something we're gonna have to get to the bottom of. One of the frustrations right now is that there's a lot of turnover and there are people who have resigned within Capitol Police infrastructure. So lines of responsibility were not as crisp and clear as we would like them to be."

That's something the senator says they'll have to fix.

In the meantime, Heinrich gave a special thank you to New Mexico's guardsmen on Capitol Hill with a tour.

"There's so much history tied up into it, so much of who we are as a country is literally baked into that building in many, many different ways," Heinrich said. "And to be able to share that with our New Mexico guardsmen and just say thank you, was, you know, the highlight of my week, and it's been a pretty good week."