Innovation & Technology

I am a strong believer that innovation is what America does best. And that technology and science-driven policies are how we can best meet many of our 21st century challenges.

New Mexico — with our national labs, universities, and military installations — holds much promise to lead the nation in innovation and technology. The very character of our state has been shaped by hard work and a history of innovation. The technology industry, both public and private, supports nearly 50,000 jobs, at over 2,000 technology establishments throughout New Mexico.

No area of innovation and science will be more important than in our nation’s ability to tackle climate change and to lead the world in clean energy technology. The frontiers of human knowledge can be boundless, and if we harness them, will continue to fuel our nation’s prosperity. 


  • Heinrich Amendments For N.M. Military Installations, National Labs, and High-Tech Manufacturing Economy Clear the Senate

    Today, U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, voted for the fiscal year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and announced amendments he secured in the bill that support New Mexico's men and women in uniform, military installations, national laboratories, the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), and job-creating initiatives throughout the state. Read More

  • Connecting Tribal Communities to High-Speed Internet

    Broadband investment is critical infrastructure investment. Just like access to water, roads, railways, and electricity in the 21st century, broadband internet access determines which communities grow and thrive. For many rural tribal communities, the lack of access to high-speed broadband internet connections leaves far too many of our children unable to learn and compete on an even playing field. Read More

  • Heinrich Receives Solar Champion Award

    Today, U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) was presented the Solar Champion Award by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) for his unwavering efforts to ensure that the federal government continues policies and programs that allow the solar industry to grow in New Mexico and across the United States. Read More

  • Heinrich Votes To Save Net Neutrality

    Today, U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) voted to reverse President Trump and the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) repeal of net neutrality rules that protect a free and open internet. The bipartisan resolution to save net neutrality passed the Senate by a vote of 52 to 47. Without congressional action, net neutrality protections will officially end next month. Read More

  • Heinrich Announces $3.8 Million To Construct Additional Satellite Testing Infrastructure At Kirtland

    U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, welcomed an announcement from the U.S. Air Force that it will fund a $3.8 million project at Kirtland Air Force Base to construct additional satellite testing infrastructure. The Air Force was able to secure this funding through a provision Senator Heinrich included in the fiscal year 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to revitalize and recapitalize facilities at labs and test ranges. Through this funding, Kirtland will construct additional lab space required for proper deployment testing for three key mission areas: Satellite Communications; Positioning, Navigation and Timing; and Space Situation.  Read More

  • Big Step for an Open Internet

    I have some exciting news to share on our effort to restore strong net neutrality protections to preserve a free and open internet. Yesterday, I joined 49 other senators--including one Republican--to officially file a petition to force a vote on the Senate floor to undo the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) disastrous new rules that dismantled net neutrality protections. There is a real sense of urgency for this vote after the FCC announced today that, without congressional action, net neutrality protections will officially end on June 11. … 

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  • Strategies To Go Solar

    To help New Mexicans go solar, I launched an online Solar Toolkit to provide a starting point for more New Mexico businesses, Tribes, local governments, schools, and power providers to consider whether installing solar is a better way to meet their energy needs. The toolkit highlights success stories from around the state and provides reflections from the New Mexicans who have gotten the job done. It also highlights commonly used resources. … 

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