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An economic future that is right for New Mexico

Dear Friend,

New Mexico competes best when we compete as ourselves. Albuquerque is not Austin or Raleigh-Durham. New Mexico is not New York or California. Our people, our history, and our environment are unlike anywhere else. And we should embrace that.

This morning, in a speech to the Albuquerque Economic Forum, I laid out my vision for an asset-based economic development approach to grow New Mexico’s economy and grow our middle class. I am focused on unlocking the kind of high-quality careers and sustainable industries that New Mexicans can build their families around, in their home communities.

PHOTO: U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich addresses the Albuquerque Economic Forum, August 23, 2023.

New Mexico can outcompete anyone if we invest in what makes us stand out. During my speech I highlighted industries where we have positioned ourselves for success including clean energy, defense technologies, and outdoor recreation. We have put our state on the national map in those rapidly growing economic sectors because we invested real resources in unique assets that make our state stand out.

I also challenged us to increase New Mexico’s labor participation rate. We cannot have an effective economic development strategy for all New Mexicans that ignores the persistent challenges that have held too many New Mexicans back from being able to fully participate, including education and literacy rates, health care and mental health care access, inadequate infrastructure, and public safety.

We all want this rising generation of New Mexicans to have a fair shot at success. And we want them to be excited about building their careers and families in New Mexico. We want to finally move from surviving to thriving as communities and as a state. I am all in on working to deliver that future.


United States Senator