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Congress must act NOW to ban bump stocks

Dear Friend,

After hundreds of Americans had gunfire rain down on them at an outdoor music festival in 2017, I led the effort to ban bump stocks – the device that allowed the gunman to murder and injure so many people, so quickly. Even former President Trump agreed then, heeding my calls to ban bump stocks in a federal rule.  

But this morning, a pro-death decision from an out of touch Supreme Court majority made bump stocks legal again. Innocent Americans will die because of this decision. 

Bump stocks serve no legitimate purpose. That’s why I have introduced legislation to ban bump stocks and help keep Americans safer from gun violence, while safeguarding Americans’ constitutional right to own a firearm for legitimate self-defense, hunting, and sporting purposes.   

This includes:

Congress must act NOW to pass my legislation to ban these deadly devices once and for all.


United States Senator