Everything we feared it would be

Dear Friend,

Senate Republicans' secret TrumpCare bill is finally out, and it seems to be everything we feared it would be. I am stunned that President Trump and Senate Republicans seem determined to rush through such a massive piece of legislation that was negotiated in secret with zero bipartisan input.

This bill looks an awful lot like the disastrous health care bill that already passed in the House, which we know would leave average New Mexico families paying thousands of dollars more for less health coverage, destroy the Medicaid program as it currently exists, and throw our entire health care system into chaos.

I spoke on the Senate floor earlier this week to hold Republicans accountable on TrumpCare and highlight the damaging impact it will have in New Mexico, especially for rural communities. I told the stories of two New Mexicans who shared with me about how important health coverage from Medicaid has been to them and their families. You can watch my remarks on the Senate floor here.

VIDEO: U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich speaks on the Senate floor to hold Republicans accountable on TrumpCare and highlight the damaging impact it will have in New Mexico, especially for rural communities, June 20, 2017.

In some states, Medicaid covers nearly half of all medication-assisted opioid treatment. It is nothing short of hypocrisy for President Trump and Republicans to say they are taking this public health crisis seriously when they are supporting a bill that slashes Medicaid funding by hundreds of billions of dollars.

Medicaid has also been a financial lifeline for hospitals and health clinics in rural communities. Instead of seeing uninsured patients coming to the emergency room during expensive medical emergencies, our rural health providers are able to help New Mexicans live healthier lives with a primary care and preventative medicine approach. If Senate Republicans pass this bill, all of that goes away--and some of our rural health providers may very well have to close up shop.

I urge President Trump and Republicans to listen to the millions of Americans who are saying loud and clear that it's time to turn the page on this reckless path so we can finally get to work on actually fixing those things in the current health care system that need work.

I want to thank all of the New Mexicans who have told their stories about how health care coverage has impacted their families and even saved their lives. Please continue to share your personal stories so I can put human faces on what is at stake in this debate. I will do everything I can to oppose this appalling legislation and fight to keep quality health care accessible and affordable for all New Mexicans.



United States Senator