Just one vote away

Dear Friend,

A free and open internet is essential to fostering innovation and education, and promoting civic engagement. Today, I am proud to join 49 other senators--including one Republican--to introduce a resolution that would reinstate robust net neutrality rules that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to dismantle last year over the objections of millions of Americans, including many from New Mexico. I stand with those Americans who demanded, through incredible numbers of public comments, that we preserve strong protections for a free and open internet.

I want to give you a quick lay of the land, so we can continue working together to protect the open internet. The FCC formally published its rule reversing net neutrality last week. Their new rules could raise prices for consumers and allow internet service providers to set up fast and slow lanes online, blocking or slowing down traffic for certain web content. This is another example of the Trump administration ignoring the will of the American people and doing away with commonsense protections. Now that the FCC has finalized its new rules, Congress has 60 days to act to restore net neutrality protections that ensure that all internet traffic is treated equally.

Our resolution has more than enough support to force a vote on the Senate floor, and we are just one vote away from the simple majority of 51 senators needed for passage. This is our best possible chance to stand with all those who have made their voices heard loud and clear in support of net neutrality. I will proudly vote to preserve the internet as an even playing field for all New Mexicans.

Please keep being engaged on this important issue. It's your voices that have given us a chance to stand against the FCC's actions. I am committed to fighting with you for free speech and fair competition on the internet.


United States Senator