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Lessons of resilience and courage

Dear Friend,

Martin Luther King Jr. dared the American people to dream. To dream of a nation that lived up to its full promise of freedom, justice, and economic opportunity for all. To dream of a nation that was more equitable, more civil, hospitable, and kind.

Like so many Americans, I often look back to Dr. King’s example for inspiration. At this inflection point in our nation’s history, we stand to learn from Dr. King’s lessons of resilience, courage, and patriotism more than ever.

What we saw on January 6th , 2021, and continue to see in state legislatures across the United States, is a dangerous and sustained push to suppress Americans’ right to vote. While Dr. King knew that our fundamental right to participate in free and fair elections required constant work, vigilance, and bravery, he made clear that difficult was not the same as impossible.

In honor of Dr. King, I encourage all New Mexicans to join the ongoing fight to protect our fundamental rights as Americans, to stand for freedom, and to confront injustice, inequity, and racism wherever and whenever it arises.

The work before us is not easy, but as Dr. King taught us, the time is always ripe to do what is right.


United States Senator