Meaningful action on gun violence

Dear Friend,

Across our nation, we have witnessed with grave horror mass shooters armed with assault rifles gun down Americans in schools, in churches, in synagogues, in concert venues, and in shopping centers. On a seemingly daily basis, we are losing friends and family members to an unparalleled gun violence epidemic. 

I hope you can take a moment to watch and share remarks I just gave on the Senate Floor to demand real action on our nation's gun violence epidemic.

VIDEO: U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich calls for action on gun violence on the Senate Floor, September 17, 2019.

Amid our grief and anguish, Americans have come together to call on their leaders to not let this senseless heart-wrenching violence continue unabated. They are calling on us to do something. We can no longer accept these horrific shootings as the status quo. We need to listen to our nation's students and mothers who are calling for us to come together on the things we can agree on.

At the very least, that includes universal background checks. We shouldn't be putting guns in the hands of those convicted of domestic violence or sexual assault who continue to be a threat to their victims. Someone who has been found by family and friends to be a danger to themselves and their community should not be in possession of a deadly firearm. And if our government has put someone on a no-fly list because of the risk they pose, we shouldn't allow that potential terrorist to buy a gun.

Those of us in Congress should never hide behind phony arguments that use fear to intimidate us away from action. It is long past time for us to finally turn our nation's grief and frustration into meaningful action to protect our children and protect our communities.

It has been deeply moving and meaningful to hear from New Mexicans who have shared their own stories with me about how gun violence has impacted them. I encourage you to write to me about this and other issues important to you and your family.



United States Senator