No more surprise medical bills

Dear Friend,

Seeking medical care shouldn't result in surprise charges that leave you in financial ruin. It has become all too common for Americans to go to the emergency room or even just a routine medical visit and come home to find out that some part of their care came from an out-of-network provider who charge outrageous fees that their insurance won't cover.

That's why I am pleased that, as part of larger, end-of-year legislation, Congress just passed a comprehensive ban on most surprise medical bills. Once this ban goes into effect, out-of-network health providers will be required to work with insurers to settle on fair prices without involving patients in disputes. This new law will not increase premiums and will provide patients with transparent cost estimates for their care and treatments.

Coming to a bipartisan consensus on this issue was no small feat. For years, well-funded interests who have benefited financially from the existing complex medical billing system have stood in the way of this type of reform. I am proud that we didn't let those special interests get in the way of doing the right thing for patients.

I encourage you to write to me about this or any other issues important to you. You can count on me to keep fighting for New Mexico families and looking for ways to solve problems.



United States Senator