Dear Friend,

Today the Trump administration announced a new rule to gut the Clean Power Plan--taking us in the completely wrong direction.

When we know exactly what we need to do to reduce our contributions to climate change--and when we have the capability to create thousands of new jobs and build a thriving clean energy economy--President Trump's decision to retreat from leadership is shortsighted, willfully ignorant, and immoral.

The Clean Power Plan was a historic step in combating climate change and protecting the health of our kids and future generations. It established reasonable and achievable standards to reduce our carbon emissions and create thousands of new clean energy jobs in the process. But now the Trump administration wants to reverse course.

VIDEO: U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich joins leading climate and public health advocates at the U.S. Capitol to outline the damage of the Trump administration's plan to gut the Clean Power Plan, August 21, 2018.

There is no doubt that climate change is already disrupting our lives. We are seeing unprecedented wildfires raging throughout the West, more extreme weather events across the nation, and volatile precipitation patterns in New Mexico that are causing both dangerous drought conditions and violent flash floods.

If we fail to reduce carbon emissions, the consequences of our inaction will only become greater, and our solutions will only become more expensive. I will do everything I can to oppose this proposal because we can no longer wait to act on climate.



United States Senator