Thank You

Dear Friend,

I've been deeply moved by the thousands of New Mexicans who shared their health care stories and I am deeply grateful for their courage to raise their voices and make clear what's at stake when it comes to keeping access to health care. Last night, the Senate finally rejected a reckless effort by Republicans and President Trump to pass a bill that would throw our entire health care system into chaos.

VIDEO: U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich speaks out against Republican health care bill, July 27, 2017.

The process we rejected ignored the will of the American people and failed to produce actual policy or plans to deliver better health care outcomes for New Mexico families. Now that we have stopped that mad rush, there is now a better path forward. I am hopeful that Republicans and Democrats can get to work on the policy solutions and improvements that we all agree on.

This is too important and we need to get it right. Real people's lives hang in the balance when it comes to access to quality, affordable health care. I remain committed to doing right by the New Mexico families and communities who have given me the privilege to serve them.


United States Senator