What the Farm Bill means for New Mexico

Dear Friend,

I grew up helping my parents run a small cattle operation, which is where I learned to truly value the hard work farmers and ranchers do each and every day to produce the food we eat. In New Mexico, our farmers, dairy producers, and ranchers help drive the state's economy and are an integral part of our history. That's why I worked so hard to pass the 2018 bipartisan Farm Bill this month.

The Farm Bill will deliver agricultural funding and set our nation's food policy for the next five years. It provides certainty for New Mexico's farmers so they can continue producing and contributing to our economy. The bill has far reaching impacts that include expanded opportunities for veterans and socially disadvantaged farmers, protections for our land and water, investments in high-speed internet access in rural and tribal communities, and support for important food and nutrition programs.

In an era of severe drought, extreme fires, and climate disruption, we must take steps to promote long-term sustainable use of New Mexico's land and water. That's why I'm especially pleased the Farm Bill includes my provisions to improve the health and resiliency of New Mexico's forests and watersheds and reduce the risks of costly catastrophic wildfires. My measures will provide New Mexico communities with substantial resources and the best available science so we can complete large, landscape-scale forest restoration projects and sustainably use our limited water resources.

We must also do more to ensure no child is hungry and that all of our kids have the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life.  That's why I'm proud that we successfully fought back against efforts to impose harmful eligibility requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) into the Farm Bill. SNAP provides affordable food for New Mexico families in need. We should be working to find solutions that help level the playing field for hard-working families instead of pulling the rug out from under those who are struggling.

I'm proud of the wins were able to secure for New Mexico in the 2018 Farm Bill. I won't stop working to advance policies that support job creation and opportunity, and help families benefit from our growing economy.



United States Senator