Your Privacy Is Under Attack

Dear Friend,

What if I told you internet service providers were allowed to sell or share your personal data without your knowledge or consent? Well, that's exactly what Republicans aim to do.  If a resolution passed by Republicans in both the House and Senate is signed into law by President Trump, your personal data stored on your computer or cell phone such as information about your health, finances, children, and even your precise geo-location could be sold to the highest bidder without your consent or knowledge.

Accessing somebody's internet browser history is almost like spying on their thoughts. Our browsing history reveals intimate personal details about our families, our health, and our religious and political views. As the gatekeepers to the internet, the broadband companies that provide us with internet service have access to our entire web browsing history. 

Last year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed privacy protections to make sure broadband providers don't share or sell sensitive data on their customers' internet browsing with businesses or marketers without their consent. Before these rules were approved, there were no such protections in place. This effort by Republicans to dismantle those common-sense rules puts all of our sensitive online browsing histories on sale to the highest bidder.

Instead of focusing on issues that matter to everyday Americans--like creating jobs, making the economy work for everyone, and improving health care and education--Republicans in Congress chose to weaken critical consumer protections. I am calling on President Trump to veto this outrageous resolution and protect Americans' online privacy.

As technology continues to advance, and as the ability of government and businesses to know increasingly more personal details of our lives expands, we must take appropriate steps to protect Americans' sensitive personal information. I want you to know that I will do everything I can to restore the online privacy protections reasonably expected by Americans. 



United States Senator