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Late Korean War veteran honored for bravery on front lines

U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Roy Tachias was honored with 16 medals, including the prestigious Purple Heart and Silver Star. Military service runs deep in the Tachias family. 

“My father was in World War I. World War II my two sons, our military, Colonel Brian, Brian Tachias,” said Ramoncita Tachias, widow of a Korean War veteran. 

Ramoncita’s late husband, Roy Tachias, was honored Monday at the New Mexican Veteran’s Memorial for his bravery on the front lines in the Korean War. He died two years ago at 89 years old. 

“Around 50 enemy forces were coming straight at him alone, private Tachias leapt to his feet and charged the enemy. He hurled hand grenades and peppered the advancing forces with rifle fire,” said U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich. 

He single-handedly killed 33 enemy forces and took a prisoner. 

Heinrich helped recover multiple medals for Tachias service, and presented them to his widow.

Now Tachias’ son, Michael, follows his family’s legacy in the military – serving for more than 30 years.

“He believed his strength and keeping your fears to yourself. But share your courage with others. These are the values my father embraced, lived by,” said Michael Tachias.