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Touring The Sabinoso Wilderness With Secretary Zinke, July 29, 2017

U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich hosts U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke on a horseback ride into Canyon Largo with U.S. Senator Tom Udall, local sportsmen, public land advocates, and community leaders to discuss the Sabinoso Wilderness in New Mexico. The Sabinoso is the only legally inaccessible wilderness area in the entire nation. Surrounded by private land and without a legal road or trail to get there, the public has effectively been locked out of this stunning landscape that we all own. Located on just over 16,000 acres in San Miguel County, the scenic Sabinoso Wilderness is home to a variety of wildlife, including mule deer, elk, and wild turkey. Its dramatic landscape includes the 1,000-foot tall Canyon Largo and striking rock formations. For years, Senator Heinrich has worked with the community to unlock the Sabinoso Wilderness to the public. In 2016, he welcomed the announcement that the Wilderness Land Trust purchased a 4,176-acre property neighboring the Sabinoso, with the purpose of donating the land to the Bureau of Land Management so it could be added to the existing wilderness. In addition, the property includes a legal road easement allowing access to the edge of Largo Canyon and by extension the entire Sabinoso Wilderness. Local sportsmen’s groups as well as the San Miguel County Commission have enthusiastically endorsed this proposal, which represents a major economic opportunity for Las Vegas and the surrounding communities. July 29, 2017.