• Wildfire Briefing at U.S. Forest Service Fire Desk and Incident Command Center, October 7, 2015 »

    U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich visits the U.S. Forest Service fire desk and incident command center where he received a briefing from U.S. Forest Service Chief Thomas Tidwell on the agency’s wildfire suppression efforts and work to protect vital water resources.

    • Southern New Mexico Honor Flight, October 6, 2015 »

      U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich meets the Southern New Mexico Honor Flight Veterans at the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.

      • Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI), October 2, 2015 »

        U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich meets with the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI) staff near Farmington. The farm has nearly 77,000 acres under irrigation and produces Navajo Pride brand potatoes, corn, beans, alfalfa, and small grains. The company employs nearly 200 full-time employees and an additional 200 seasonal workers during the peak harvest season. Earlier this year, Senator Heinrich requested the Senate Appropriations Committee fund the expansion of the Navajo Indian Irrigation Project.

        • Tour of Abandoned Uranium Mine on Navajo Nation, October 2, 2015 »

          U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich tours the Shiprock Disposal Site, a former uranium mill. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) now maintains the site and monitors potential impacts to the environment. Nearly 4 million tons of uranium were extracted from the Navajo Nation from 1944-1986. Many abandoned mines exist today and pose a serious health threat.

          • Pope Francis' Address to Congress, September 24, 2015 »

            U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich attends Pope Francis' historic address to Congress and welcomes constituents to his office.
            • Navajo Nation, August 14, 2015 »

              U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich meets with the Navajo Nation at the government offices in Window Rock to discuss the response efforts in Indian Country to the Gold King Mine spill that occurred in the Animas River.

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