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Heinrich Honors Legacy Of Martin Luther King, Jr.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) released the following statement in recognition of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which falls on Monday, January 20.

“More than half a century since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination, we still have yet to fully realize the promise of his dream for our nation.

“In his life, Dr. King stood firm against violence and racism and gave a powerful voice to oppressed and marginalized people in America and around the world. He demonstrated how speaking hard truths and taking direct action can make a real difference in solving even the most difficult problems.

“But all these years later, his work—our work—remains unfinished. We must all recommit to freeing our neighborhoods, schools, and communities from prejudice and bigotry. And we must provide opportunities for every single one of us to both belong and thrive in the United States of America.

“Dr. King imagined a future where his children would see our nation one day live up to its greatest founding ideals. Let’s all keep striving to make that vision a reality.”