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Heinrich Statement On Biden Administration Border Wall Announcement

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) released the following statement in response to the White House’s announcement that the Department of Defense is canceling all of its pending construction contracts for former President Trump’s border wall and that the Department of Homeland Security will start helping communities along the southern border repair physical damage that resulted from its construction. 

“President Trump’s wasteful and ineffective border wall was an ugly symbol of hatred, fear, and intolerance. Its construction, often times fast-tracked without consultation from border communities, dealt severe damage to the environment, private land, wildlife corridors, and sacred Native American sites.

“I am pleased that the taxpayer dollars the Trump administration raided from urgently needed projects at our military bases for border wall construction will be restored for previously deferred military construction projects. I welcome today’s announcement from the Department of Homeland Security as an important first step in repairing the damage that border wall construction has caused to our border communities. I urge the Biden Administration to also use unobligated border wall funds for a comprehensive remediation process to rectify the harm inflicted on private land, Tribal land, flood-prone areas, and wildlife corridors, as well as for border security alternatives that actually protect public safety.

“We need to recognize that a wall was never going to solve the root causes that are forcing families and children to flee dangerous conditions at home. Congress and the White House need to get to work to rebuild an immigration system that respects the dignity of those seeking to build a better life and reflects our true American values.”