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Heinrich Statement on Israeli Operations in Gaza

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and Select Committee on Intelligence, issued the following statement calling on Israel to reevaluate its military strategy in Gaza in response to Hamas’ October 7th terrorist attacks.
“As I’ve said repeatedly, Israel has the right to hold Hamas accountable for the horrific attacks on October 7th.  I believe deeply that the eradication of Hamas is paramount to stability and democracy in the region. But a shock and awe approach is not the answer.
"Israel must prioritize and protect innocent human life. Israel’s justified military operations should not include shelling of a refugee camp, religious sites, and highly populated residential areas in Gaza.
"The mounting loss of civilian life and escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza is dire. While Hamas’ strategy intentionally places innocent civilians in harm’s way, the lives of those civilians depend on Israel doing the opposite.
"I urge Israel to immediately adopt a more deliberate and calculated counterterrorism strategy.  The objective must be to both rightfully destroy Hamas and Islamic Jihad and to prioritize the preservation of innocent Palestinian life and the infrastructure necessary to support continued Palestinian life in Gaza.
"The humanitarian crisis is worsening, with innocent civilians and children bearing the brunt of this. The current path cannot continue.”