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In Response To Heinrich Efforts, President Biden Stops Threat Of Solar Tariffs, Providing Support For Solar Industry To Save Jobs

For Months, Heinrich Has Led the Effort to Stop the Threat of Job-Killing Solar Tariffs and Bolster Domestic Solar Manufacturing

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) issued the following statement applauding news that the Biden administration will address the threat of additional solar tariffs posed by the Commerce Department’s industry-crushing investigation. The Biden administration announced today that they will declare a two-year solar tariff suspension window while also invoking the Defense Production Act to boost U.S. solar manufacturing.

“I’m pleased President Biden is using his executive authority to take decisive action to build an American-made clean energy future and address the climate crisis. This is what leadership looks like.

“I applaud the President for giving U.S. solar companies a two-year reprieve from this solar tariff petition that was creating major uncertainty. Today's actions will save thousands of American jobs, keep game changing utility-scale solar projects on track for construction, and build a bridge for our domestic solar component manufacturers to scale up their operations and become more competitive on the global market. Importantly, the President is also providing locally-owned solar companies with the boost and certainty they need to continue building the electric grid for the 21st century, lower costs for families, and help us meet our climate goals.

“The potential of our American solar industry is clear. Installers and solar equipment companies are almost entirely American-owned and operated, and they are critical to local economies and our energy independence. When we make the right choices and strategic policy decisions now, the future of American clean energy could not be brighter.”