Udall, Heinrich, Luján: New Mexicans Deserve Clear Information about Lamy Project

Lawmakers ask Pacer Energy for ‘accurate and detailed information’ about the project to be shared with Lamy community

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Sens. Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich, and U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Luján announced that they have sent a letter on behalf of their constituents to Pacer Energy Marketing, which has announced plans to truck crude oil from the Four Corners to a property in Lamy owned by Santa Fe Southern Railway, where it would be transported by rail to refineries south of Albuquerque.

The lawmakers note in their letter that Pacer’s plans have raised strong concerns among the residents of Lamy about the potential for spills and accidents, potential risks to water supplies and community wells, and the limited ability for emergency personnel to respond in case of an accident.

Udall, Heinrich and Luján are working with state and local officials to determine what jurisdictions, permits and regulations apply. In the meantime, they are asking Pacer to provide information to help them – and the community – understand the implications of the project.

“We believe accurate and detailed information regarding the scope of your proposal should be shared with our constituents and local officials as soon as possible,” the lawmakers wrote. “New Mexicans deserve to have clear information about a proposal that will have a significant impact on their community.”

Specifically, they are requesting:

-An over view of the proposed project;

-An outline of what infrastructure changes or investments are planned as part of the project;

-A list and explanation of what federal, state, and local permits will be necessary to pursue the project;

-A list of what federal, state, and local permits or authorizations have been obtained or applied for at this time, and from what authorities;

-A list, including citations, for all applicable federal statutes and regulations that the project will need to comply with to protect and ensure the safety of the community’s water, air, and residents;

-The proposed timeline for any construction and permitting activities for the project;

-A description of any community benefits that Pacer believes are relevant for the project, such as jobs created, estimated state and local tax revenue generated, or other community contributions.

The lawmakers are awaiting a response from Pacer.

A full copy of the letter is available here.