I just voted to save the internet

Dear Friend,

Today, I was proud to stand with the thousands of New Mexicans and millions of Americans who raised their voices in an unprecedented grassroots effort and public comment campaign to oppose the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) decision to dismantle net neutrality rules. In a bipartisan vote, the Senate passed a resolution to reverse President Trump and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's repeal of net neutrality rules that protect a free and open internet.

VIDEO: U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich discusses the Senate's vote to save net neutrality protections and a free and open internet, May 16, 2018.

Without congressional action, net neutrality protections will officially end next month. That could raise prices for consumers and allow internet service providers to set up fast and slow lanes online, blocking or slowing down traffic for certain web content. Small businesses and creative entrepreneurs in New Mexico could face significant obstacles in the pay-to-play environment created by the FCC's proposal, and all internet users could pay more or experience slower broadband speed and blocked content.

Successfully passing our resolution in the Senate sends a clear message to the FCC that it should correct its misguided and partisan decision and fight for rules that ensure free speech, protect consumers, and preserve competition. It also shows President Trump and House Republicans that we can listen to Americans who overwhelmingly support keeping the internet free and open.

Thanks to all the Americans who have stayed engaged in this effort, I'm confident that even if President Trump and House Republicans remain determined to stand in the way, in the long run, we are going to get this done. Free speech and fair competition on the internet are too important.



United States Senator