My Spring Veterans Newsletter

Dear Friend, 

One of my most important duties as a senator is to help New Mexico’s veterans and their families. We need to make sure our veterans receive both the recognition and the care that they earned through their service. I'm proud to work on behalf of veterans every day in the Senate. Please take a moment to read my new New Mexico Veterans Newsletter that provides an update on the work I have been doing on behalf of veterans and military families in New Mexico.

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Last weekend, I joined the community in Rio Rancho to commemorate Memorial Day. I am always moved by how many ordinary New Mexicans made and continue to make extraordinary sacrifices for our nation--from the Navajo Code Talkers and Bataan Death Marchers, to Korean and Vietnam War GI's, to men and women serving today in missions in New Mexico's military bases and all around the globe. While Memorial Day is a day foremost meant to remember those lost to protect our nation, I strongly believe we must also honor the families they left behind, and our service members and veterans who fought alongside them. I am committed to keeping America’s promise to our heroic veterans and their families so that they receive the benefits they have earned.

My office has helped hundreds of veterans across New Mexico access their care and benefits. Whether you or a family member is having trouble filing a claim, receiving benefits, accessing health benefits or military records, replacing medals, or other veterans issues, my office is here to help. Please contact my office by calling (505) 346-6601 or visit the Veterans Resources Center on my website.

I hope you enjoy the Spring 2018 edition of my Veterans Newsletter.


United States Senator