New Mexico stands out

Dear Friend,

Art and culture is synonymous with New Mexico. Our artists carry on cultures that date back centuries. They are also paving new creative pathways by crafting modern masterpieces and building immersive arts experiences like world-renowned Meow Wolf. Our diverse arts community attracts many thousands of visitors to our state every year, contributes significantly to our economy, and connects us all to our rich multicultural traditions.

Last week, I held the first in a series of events I will be hosting across the state called Celebrating Culture: Workshops Supporting New Mexico Arts. Artists and cultural institutions sometimes have trouble navigating funding opportunities and visiting artist visas, collaborating with foreign governments and federal institutions, and successfully applying for public art commissions. My goal for these workshops is to help with these challenges connect our state's arts organizations and artists - to federal, local, and private resources.

Beyond these workshops, I strongly believe we should nurture and invest in our cultural institutions. President Trump has repeatedly zeroed out federal funding for institutions such as the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. I've fought alongside Senator Tom Udall to ensure that we fully fund these important cultural programs that support arts programs in New Mexico.

We also need to support arts education from kindergarten to graduate study to build and nurture the next generation of professional artists. I also believe that we need to protect our precious natural resources and public lands so our enchanting landscapes can continue inspiring our artists. And I am standing up for kitchen table issues that are important for all New Mexico families like affordable health care, infrastructure, and good housing.

Whether you are an artist or not, I encourage you to work with my office to learn about helpful resources. Don't hesitate to contact me or visit one of my offices in New Mexico.



United States Senator