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On Veterans Day

Dear Friend,

On Veterans Day, I continue to be proud to serve a state with one of the highest rates of military volunteerism in the nation. We should all pause to honor the many New Mexicans who served in conflicts overseas—from the Navajo Code Talkers and the Bataan Death March Survivors to Vietnam GIs and Iraq and Afghanistan veterans—as well as all those New Mexicans who continue to serve us today at our state’s military installations and all around the globe.

Through my new role leading the Senate subcommittee that funds the VA, I am committed to ensuring that all of our veterans and their families, who have sacrificed so much, receive the full education, housing, and health care benefits that they have earned through their service. I have been laser focused on delivering investments to improve assistance to veterans experiencing homelessness, to support a robust COVID-19 vaccination campaign for the whole VA system, and to ensure that all of New Mexico’s veterans – especially in rural and hard to reach communities – have access to the benefits and care that they deserve.

The Constituent Services Representatives in my offices in New Mexico have also helped hundreds of veterans all across our state access their care and benefits. Whether you or a family member is having trouble filing a claim, receiving benefits, accessing health benefits or military records, replacing medals, or other veterans issues, you can contact my office by calling (505) 346-6601 or by visiting the Veterans Resources Center on my website.

We can never fully repay our military veterans for the contributions and sacrifices they have made. But today, and every day, I hope we can all join in offering them our sincere appreciation for all they have done to protect and defend our great nation.


United States Senator