Scott Pruitt Needs To Resign

Dear Friend,

Scott Pruitt has been surrounded by ethical problems and has failed to take the core mission of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seriously. He has been plagued by conflicts of interest and built a long track record that is antithetical to the EPA's responsibility to keep our nation's land, air, and water clean. And perhaps most damning of all, Mr. Pruitt has a willful disregard for data-driven science when it comes to tackling climate change.

Mr. Pruitt's actions will leave lasting damage for our environment and the planet our children and future generations will inherit. Americans deserve a leader at the EPA who is guided in their decisions by the best available science, who will use the EPA to protect our health and well-being, and who will help move New Mexico, and our nation, toward a clean energy economy. 

I've heard from thousands of New Mexicans who have made a strong case that Mr. Pruitt is not the right person for the job, and I agree. I believe it's time for him to resign.


United States Senator