Heinrich Commemorates Hispanic Heritage Month; Highlights Importance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions

WASHINGTON, D.C. - At the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), a member of the Senate Democratic Hispanic Task Force, made the following statement recognizing the immense contributions of Hispanics to the United States:

"This month, we celebrate the extraordinary contributions made by the Hispanic community and their role in building a more vibrant and prosperous America. These contributions continue to enrich New Mexico's history, culture, and economy.

"We also recognize the important role Hispanic-Serving Institutions in New Mexico have played in educating our students, training our workforce, and inspiring the next generation of leaders. I remain deeply committed to fighting for the issues that matter most to New Mexico's Hispanic community and expanding opportunities for a bright future."

Senator Heinrich is a cosponsor of the Hispanic Heritage Month Resolution, to recognize Hispanic Heritage Month beginning September 15, 2015, and the Hispanic-Serving Institutions Resolution, to designate the week beginning September 14, 2015, as National Hispanic-Serving Institutions Week.

Hispanic-Serving Institutions are non-profit, degree-granting institutions with at least 25 percent of full-time students that are Hispanic. In school year 2013-2014, there were 23 Hispanic-Serving Institutions in New Mexico, including the University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University. During that same year, there were 409 Hispanic-Serving Institutions nationwide. Hispanic-Serving Institutions represent just 12 percent of all non-profit institutions of higher education across the country, yet serve nearly 60 percent of all Hispanic undergraduate students, enrolling more than a million Hispanic undergraduates in 2013.