Wildfire Preparedness & Prevention Resource Center

Wildfire season is here, and now is the time to get ready. Learning about wildfire danger and being prepared can help reduce the threat of fires to our natural surroundings, our homes, and our communities. 

These helpful tips and resources aim to provide New Mexicans with the best information available to prepare for fire season.

Active Wildfire Information

Wildfire Preparedness

  • New Mexico Wildfire Information -- information for active fires, protection, prevention, and rehibilitation.
  • New Mexico Ready, Set, Go Wildfire Tips and Planning -- tips on how to create a defensible space and harden your home, prepare for emergencies, and what do in case of an emergency. 
  • American Red Cross Wildfire Preparedness -- tips on preparing for, responding to, and recovering after a fire for your home. 
  • Firewise -- information on preparedness, defensible space around homes and communities, and online courses. 
  • After Wildfire -- guide and resource to help families and communities recover after a wildfire. The guide includes helpful tips on immediate safety, how to mobilze your community, who can help, post-fire treatments for land, and other additional resources. 

Wildfire Prevention

  • Be Smart Outdoors -- information on how to prevent wildfires from campfires, debris burning, and equipment use. 
  • Practice Wildfire Safety -- prevention recommendations before, during, and after a fire. 
  • Know The Risk -- learn about fire restrictions and closures in all 33 New Mexico Counties or call 1-877-864-6985

For Businesses

Additional Resources And Contacts

Additional Safety Tips:

  • Do not use fireworks of any kind; 
  • Use caution and common sense before lighting any fire; 
  • Understand that any fire you create could become a wildfire;
  • Never, ever leave any fire unattended;
  • Properly extinguish and discard smoking materials; 
  • Be aware of your surroundings and careful when operating equipment including off road vehicles during perids of dry or hot weather;  
  • Speak up and step in when you see someone in danger of starting a wildfire; and
  • Be prepared for any emergency by putting together a disaster kit and family evacuation plan. 

Common ways you could unintentionally start a wildfire:

  • Unattended debris burning; 
  • Equipment fires such as from lawnmowers, ATVs, power equipment; 
  • Smoking; 
  • Unattended campfires; 
  • Children playing with matches or lighters; and
  • Fireworks.  

To sign up for New Mexico’s Forestry’s Wildfire Alert email, please click here

Interactive map provided by Southwest Coordination Center helps track current wildifire incidents. For more information please click here.