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Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Dear Friend,

Indigenous Peoples’ Day calls on us to celebrate the enduring strength and resilience of Tribal Nations, honor the significant contributions and diverse cultures of Tribal communities, and acknowledge the painful history of how Native people have been treated over the centuries.  

Whether it’s fighting to outlaw the export of Native American human remains and cultural items, unlock critical water infrastructure funding and secure federal approval of Tribal water settlements, protect important cultural landscapes like the Buffalo Tract and Chaco Canyon, or deliver resources to support Tribal buffalo management programs, I stand with the Tribes and Pueblos in New Mexico and nationally.

Now it’s time we all stand with Tribes and Pueblos in their efforts to establish Indigenous Peoples’ Day as a federal holiday. In the Senate, I just reintroduced my legislation to nationally recognize the second Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

When Tribal leaders talk about a legacy since time immemorial, they mean it. Scientists recently confirmed what Tribal elders have passed down for generations; their ancestors have been in the Americas for tens of thousands of years, including at White Sands National Park. It’s past time that we honor this legacy.  

On this Indigenous Peoples’ Day, I remain fully committed to making this a federal holiday, uplifting Tribal communities, and supporting Tribal sovereignty and self-determination.


United States Senator